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tisdag 1 november 2011

Forensic lab New York.

Från våren 2008 till hösten 2011 luffade jag runt i USA för att testa den amerikanska drömmen, som synes lyckades jag inte, men jag gillar USA ändå, häftigt land. Jag försökte få kontakt med diverse kriminaltekniker under resans gång men det var svårt som privatperson. Dom 2 sista åren bodde jag i New York, mesta tiden på Manhattan, Manhattan kan jag rekommendera på sommaren. Jag skickade ett mejl till ett ”Forensic lab i New York” när jag var där, som jag publicerar nedan.


Må, 2011-06-27, 05:40
Från "forensiclab@stny.rr.com"
Till "remstam@itdemokrati.nu"
Ärende "Re: Bloodstains/splashes"

Dear Lennart.

I apologize for the delay in responding to your letter of 25 may but I have 
been out of town most of the time since then.

I would not expect to see any bloodstains produced under the conditions you 
have described.  However, since they were present I would have to see 
photographs of them to decide what mechanism could have produced them.  The 
seem much to large to have been produced by blood that exited with the 
bullet through so many layers of clothing.

/Forensic lab NY
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From: <l.remstam@itdemokrati.nu>
To: <forensiclab@stny.rr.com>
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2011 2:22 AM
Subject: Bloodstains/splashes?


I been looking for an expert to tell me if I´m
right or wrong about this bloodstains/splashes.
I want to be 100% sure if the bloodstains should be
there or not, read below.

1. A man got shoot in the back on a sidewalk on his way home.
2. The bullet goes straight through his body and comes out of his chest.
3. The weapon was a S&W .357 Magnum 4 inch revolver, 158 Full Metal
Jacket bullet.
4. Its winter time so the victim got a lots of clothes on him, the
bullet goes through his; t-shirt, shirt, costume, folded tie, coat, scarf.

Should there be any bloodstains on the sidewalk or should all his
clothes stop the bloodstains and just the bullet comes out of his chest?

Its about 50 bloodstains in different sizes, from rice size - cent size,
on a spot 17 ft x 8ft.

Please help me.

First of all I'm not a gun user, I don't like weapons,
but on the same time I love the power they got and I'm also obsessed
in the case I've been working on.
So lately after asking me this question about the blood splashes I been
thinking about to do a test like they have done, since I couldn't fine
what I was looking for on this page, close but not exactly: 
MFRC Files Database 
It's very good done.

This murder case is about Prime minister Olof Palmes death,
he got shot on a sidewalk on his way home from a movie theater;
11.21 PM Feb 28 1986: in the corner of Tunnelgatan - Sveavagen Stockholm,
The assassination of Olof Palme.

This is my investigation:

I'm a private investigator from Sweden, I started 1999,
I spend many hours, I have done my own reconstruction
about the case. I want to be 100% sure about the bloodstains,
if they should be there or not, if the victim had his hand
on his chest or not. I don't think the blood splashes are random.

Thats why I been thinking about to do a reconstruction like
they have done, but through a plastic bottle with blood, or similar
I will dress the bottles with different much clothes on,
T-shirt + shirt + folded tie +coat + scarf, 5 tests all together.
And then measure how much the bloodstains decreases in the area
where the bullet comes out, depending on how much clothes it's on.

As I said, I don't have the experience with guns, so If you are interested
to help me to do it I'm ready to pay for it, depends on how much you want?

All Regards
Lennart Remstam

I stay on Manhattan, New York.